CTC-CONTEXCHEM - Connecting textile and chemistry


We are a chemical trading company founded and based in Germany and fair-trading worldwide, with the mission to help you grow your business in the textile industry. With our rich experience in the textile and chemical business, we help you source high-quality raw materials and agents specifically to your needs and provide consultation for R&D.

We connect reliable raw material suppliers with chemical producers, especially enterprises in the textile, leather and pulp & paper business. We focus on empowering our clients with the latest industry knowledge through our dedicated team of experts in the industry. In addition, we offer our clients a trusted platform to source chemicals while optimizing cost, quality and schedule.

We understand your needs, challenges and products deeply, and our technical support team is with you every step of the way. We aim to grow along with your growth.

Responsible Sourcing

We collaborate with companies to help them minimise the overall environmental impact and maximise the overall positive social impact. We follow the chemical regulation (REACH, registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction) to improve the protection of human health and the environment.




Who We Are

CTC-Contexchem GmbH was founded 2022 in Geretsried, Germany by Bernhard Sandner and Gulhan Kaynar.

Bernhard Sandner gained deep experience as life-long R&D chemist for textile auxiliaries, their manufacturing processes and application. Numerous of his patents remain commercially essential for its current holders.

Gulhan Kaynar as MD has long-term experience as marketing expert for chemicals applied in textile auxiliaries and in the plastics industry.

Both partners complement each other, making up an excellent team.